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<transcy>طقم حمايه للسكاي دويلر</transcy>

<transcy>طقم حمايه للسكاي دويلر</transcy>

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  • فيلم حمايه كامل للساعه يغطي حزام الساعة وإطارها ومشبكها
  • مقاومة للماء وذاتية الشفاء وتمنع الخدوش.
  • يناسب فيلم الحماي الساعات ذات الرقم التسلسلي: 326934/326933/326938/326935


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Care Instructions

Install the watch protection film using water in order to adjust precisely while applying on the watch.

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    DIY watch protective film

    Designed to be easily installed on your watch. Peel the film with the tweezer, dip it in water and direcly install it on your watch. Wipe with the cloth to set on the watch and you're all set with your watch being protected

  • Self-Healing Protection

    Whenever the protection is damaged or scratched, apply heat on the film to restore it back to its normal condition